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Anonymous asked: My recruiter said I can't retake my asvab to get a higher score to qualify for more jobs. Is this true? I got a low score and only qualify for a few jobs

I’m not too sure about that, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to take it again, it sounds like your recruiter just wants to hurry your process along maybe. I would suggest asking a different recruiter if this is true, or maybe if someone sees this they can leave a reply and shed some light?

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Anonymous asked: What's your job in the Air Force?

Air Traffic Control.

To theonlysteve: I’ve been in for a year. Idk why you don’t have an ask box :/

mccall1 asked: Figured I'd give it a shit and ask, how strict is that tattoo policy, I have a couple here and there but my biggest concern is my sleeve...disqualified? It's not gang drug or violence related all positive

I think the reg says that it can’t cover more than 75% of the part of the body that’s exposed in a dress uniform. I know people in the AF with sleeves but its usually a case by case basis. Ask a recruiter!

Anonymous asked: How did you join up? Did you just enlist or go thru an ROTC program? Thanks!

I enlisted with a recruiter!

Anonymous asked: This is assuming you went to the Academy....I don't know how to phrase it without sounding like a yuppie high schooler, but what, in general, was your transcript like? I'm very interested in applying but I worry that I lack extra curriculars and the like so I wonder if it's even worth trying to get a nomination. Hope I'm not probing too much, but thanks anyway! Your blog is an inspiration

I didn’t attend the academy, sorry. :(

feedingthesickness asked: Since you're atc also I figured you might have insight on this, are we allowed to take supplements aka preworkouts and protein,creatine etc etc

Yes you are.

Throwback to tech school graduation when I actually cleaned up pretty nice haha damn

Anonymous asked: Can you use your cell phone during BMT?

I don’t know how it is now but when I was there, they took our cell phones and locked them up in the CQ office and when we were allowed phone calls (which was like 3 or 4 times) they bring them out for us to use.

fat2fit2awesome asked: I leave for basic training on April 8th for mechanical aptitude. What would you advise packing?

A few civilian outfits, minimal toiletries, bras, underwear, and your cell phone. Trust me you won’t need anything else, pack light! Congrats and good luck!

Anonymous asked: I have a not so big tattoo on my calf. Would that disqualify me from joining?



Astronaut candidate Eileen Collins during parachute ejection briefing 

(29-31 July 1990) — Eileen M. Collins, a USAF major and a candidate for a pilot astronaut’s position with NASA, listens to a briefing on parachute ejection. The classroom session was part of a three-day survival training course hosted by Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Photo credit: NASA

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