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Anonymous asked: This is assuming you went to the Academy....I don't know how to phrase it without sounding like a yuppie high schooler, but what, in general, was your transcript like? I'm very interested in applying but I worry that I lack extra curriculars and the like so I wonder if it's even worth trying to get a nomination. Hope I'm not probing too much, but thanks anyway! Your blog is an inspiration

I didn’t attend the academy, sorry. :(

feedingthesickness asked: Since you're atc also I figured you might have insight on this, are we allowed to take supplements aka preworkouts and protein,creatine etc etc

Yes you are.

Throwback to tech school graduation when I actually cleaned up pretty nice haha damn

Anonymous asked: Can you use your cell phone during BMT?

I don’t know how it is now but when I was there, they took our cell phones and locked them up in the CQ office and when we were allowed phone calls (which was like 3 or 4 times) they bring them out for us to use.

fat2fit2awesome asked: I leave for basic training on April 8th for mechanical aptitude. What would you advise packing?

A few civilian outfits, minimal toiletries, bras, underwear, and your cell phone. Trust me you won’t need anything else, pack light! Congrats and good luck!

Anonymous asked: I have a not so big tattoo on my calf. Would that disqualify me from joining?



Astronaut candidate Eileen Collins during parachute ejection briefing 

(29-31 July 1990) — Eileen M. Collins, a USAF major and a candidate for a pilot astronaut’s position with NASA, listens to a briefing on parachute ejection. The classroom session was part of a three-day survival training course hosted by Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Photo credit: NASA

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lalala-lovemee asked: Hey, I just found your blog and read that you wanted to delete it. I hope you didn't! I'm currently studying for the ASVAB now and I suck at math so hopefully I don't do bad at that part. I'm not in the best shape. I'm really small but just not fit. I was wondering how you prepared for basic training and if you've always been physically fit or I it happened when you were preparing for the Air Force.

I worked out about 6 days a week before I went to basic training, which turned out to be even too much for the physical requirement part of bmt. If you’re not in shape and aren’t used to working out, I recommend working on strictly running 1.5-2 miles without stopping, push ups, and sit ups. I worked out prior to enlisting so I was already pretty in shape beforehand but seriously don’t stress about the physical parts too much. It’s not that serious. Just do your very best every day and you’ll see yourself improve. We had girls that were ridiculously out of shape pass their PT tests pretty easy. The standards for females is kind of a joke. 


Anonymous asked: And also, will one pair of spandex be enough and just buy the rest at the bx? and what's the best type of underwear to get? are boy shorts ok? ty!

I bought all of my spandex at the BX, and they issue you some to at your first clothing issue too, at least for females. I didn’t even bring any with me. You can wear whatever kind of underwear you want, at least we could. Depends on your MTI though, but as long as they’re not too sexy or lacey they shouldn’t be a problem. I took all very neutral colors, bikini style. 

Anonymous asked: Will it be okay to just bring 2 sports bras, and 2 regular bras to wear until our first trip to the BX and buy the rest of the sports bras there?

I brought all sports bras, and I had about 6-7 of them and still bought more (which I didn’t need). I WISH I would have brought regular bras because when you get your blues and wear them, sports bras are not so cute underneath your blues blouse. So to answer your question, yes. Except the ones at the BX are really shitty but who cares, it’s bmt.

Anonymous asked: For the civilian clothes you take for the first few days is it ok if they are skinny jeans? Thats all i have

Yes it’s okay if they’re skinny jeans. Just stay away from bright colors or low cut shirts. I’m sorry, I’m assuming you’re a female.


A few very important things to always remember.

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